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Active Re-Entry Provides Care Packages
to Their Consumers and More

Due to the Corona Virus, Active Re-Entry was the recipient of CARES ACT Funding which was distributed from the Federal Government. This funding is to be used to offset the emergency needs of the agency and Individuals with disabilities due to the pandemic. The funding is being utilized in a variety of ways.

One of the largest projects has been the “Active Re-Entry Cares Packages.” Under the leadership of Tracy Manchester and in conjunction with other team members, personal care items, personal protection provisions in addition to cleaning supplies were accumulated from the assistance of local vendors. Miners Trading Post in East Carbon graciously ordered the majority of supplies and went out of their way to also deliver the garage filling load of provisions.

Hours were spent loading approximately 500 bags by the team members of Active Re-Entry with the help of a couple of consumers. The bags are currently being delivered to those in need of the items.

In addition, because the activities currently offered at ARECIL are not able to be done in person due to the virus, Samsung tablets have been ordered and provided to consumers who have no means to connect and who wish to participate in the virtual Zoom life skills classes and social activities. There have also been a few exceptional circumstances, in which internet service has been provided for a limited period of time. This has been done to allow individuals who have not had internet service, the opportunity to participate in the scheduled activities. Reducing the isolation and loneliness of the consumers while continuing to provide education and improve mental health and support.

BEH Communications, a local internet provider for Carbon and Emery County has worked diligently to partner with Active Re-Entry to ensure that connectivity was possible for our consumers at a fair and reasonable price. Without this type of community support, some consumers would have remained isolated.

Negotiations are currently underway with local food pantries in the 7 counties of our coverage area, to establish a plan in which some of the funding can be shared with them. This funding would be used to provide additional food to individuals with disabilities who have the need for life-sustaining food.

The Active Re-Entry team members are so grateful to have been a recipient of this funding. We would like to thank Miners Trading Post and BEH Communications for their outstanding support and service. Their assistance will benefit those that we serve in unimaginable ways.

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