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Active Re-Entry

Community Services for Individuals


Activities are generated to make contact with potential consumers of Active Re-Entry and the general community.

Disability Awareness

ARECIL staff and volunteers are willing to provide a 'hands-on' experience of what it means (on a very limited short-term basis) of having a disability.

Systems Advocacy

Activities intended to influence community decisions by including persons with disabilities and supporters in the decision-making process. Methods may range from being elected to boards, to being high profile in community activities.

Public Information Dissemination

Designed to generate public information regarding independent living services and related events.

TTD Training, Auxiliary Aids, Emergency Call Systems, Assistive Equipment, Brailling, and Large Print Services

Initiated to help businesses, governments, and non-profit organizations have available appropriate aids, accommodations, materials, and information, including materials in braille, large print, audiotape, or other accessible formats.


Articles concerning current disability issues and center activities. Published bimonthly. Online copies of the newsletter can be found here.

ADA Technical Assistance, Facility Evaluations

Advice and consultation to individuals, businesses, and the community on the Americans With Disability Accessibility Guidelines. A specialized computer program, ADAAG PRO is utilized to provide a printout of accessibility obstacles and possible solutions. All consulting services are free to businesses and governmental entities in Eastern Utah.

Assistive Technology & Equipment Loan Bank

The Assistive Technology & Equipment Loan Bank program is designed to facilitate consumers in obtaining necessary assistive technology. Services include evaluations by professionals specializing in assistive technology, funding information, research and problem-solving, and equipment loans.

Recreation and Social Activities

Consumers participate in numerous social and recreational activities within the community such as arts & crafts, plays, concerts, cooking classes, and river trips. We believe that all individuals should have the opportunity for social interaction without discrimination because of physical limitations.

Community Integration Services

Disability Awareness Programs were initiated to promote sensitivity, open-mindedness, and positive attitudes about persons with disabilities. In addition, there are opportunities for IL Skills training, such as cooking, budgeting classes, and others.

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