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Active Re-Entry

Core Services

Independent Living Skills Training

Education is provided to individuals who are seeking to increase their knowledge, skills, or abilities in order to live more independently in their own homes and communities.

Information & Referral

Recommendations and information are provided to consumers about other community resources and services which are available on a local, state, and federal level. The purpose of a good information and referral program is to connect people with resources that can help them.

Individual & Systems Advocacy

Active Re-Entry provides two types of advocacy. Individual Advocacy involves team members working with an individual to access services from other agencies. Systems Advocacy involves staff members initiating changes in various local, regional, and state systems, making it easier for people with disabilities to live independently.

Peer Counseling & Support

A service that matches the consumer to another person who has a similar disability for purposes of sharing experiences, knowledge, support, and skills.

Nursing Home Diversion & Transition

Diversion is the process by which individuals who are at risk of entering an institution, are enabled through the necessary resources and support to remain living safely in their own homes and community. Transition services involve assisting a consumer to safely relocate back into their home or community setting of their choice from an institutional setting, as a result of significant support and services.

Youth Postsecondary Life Transition

Youth between the ages of 12-24 participate in activities that prepare them to transition from school to adult life.

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Mon - Fri: 8AM - 4:30PM

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