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Emergency Preparedness

Not that we want a disaster or an emergency to happen... but if one did... are you prepared? Here are some free downloadable pdf files that can help you to prepare.

Be Ready Utah Brochure: Twelve pages of information, from 72 hour kits to how to purify water to how to handle a wild fire or an earthquake. Keep a copy in your house or in your glove box.

Emergency Supply List: Two pages from Homeland Security for their idea of a basic supply kit with additional items to consider.

Emergency with Disabilty/Special Needs Brochure: Two pages of information of handling and preparing for an emergency if you have a special need or a disabilty.

Disability Information & Services: Information from a presentation that gives clients an idea of services and areas where they might receive additional assistance.

Family Emergency Plan: Fill out your & your loved ones' information on this handy two page form. It's better to have this information ready when you need it than instead of trying to remember it!

Personal and Family Preparedness Disaster Plan: These eight pages put out by the Sate of Utah Department of Public Safety have checklists for preparing your own kits, shelters, purifying water, to rotation and storage of food. There is also information of what could cause the disasters that could affect Utah, plans for pets and elderly too.

FEMA for Kids: On-line games for kids that also teaches them what to do during an emergency and the hazards that they might encounter.

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