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Active Re-Entry

Active Re-Entry

is a community-based program which assists individuals with disabilities to achieve or maintain self-sufficient and productive lives in their own communities and home.

Active Re-Entry

Who We Are & What We Do


Our program is committed to promoting the rights, dignity, and quality of life of all persons with disabilities. Active Re-Entry provides services in the seven counties of Eastern Utah- Daggett, Duchesne, Uintah, Carbon, Emery, Grand, and San Juan Counties- just over 27,000 square miles (from the border of Wyoming to the border of Arizona). We offer many varied programs and resources.


All Independent Living Centers across the nation are consumer-controlled, non-residential, community-based, cross-disability, private nonprofit agencies that are designed and operated within a local community by individuals with disabilities and provide an array of services.

Five Core Services

The purpose of a good information and referral program is to connect people with resources that can help them.

Man in wheelchair

Individual Services

Through a wide range of diverse programs, individuals with disabilities are encouraged to make their own decisions about how they will live their lives and are assisted in exploring options.

smiling elderly gentleman

Community Services/Integration

Disability Awareness Programs initiated to promote sensitivity, open-mindedness, and positive attitudes about persons with disabilities.

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PAWS Program

The use of animals to facilitate positive changes in a broad spectrum of therapeutic settings is becoming more accepted, appreciated, and valued.

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PERKIE Program

Call Lisa Martinez at the Price ARECIL office at (435) 637-4950. There is a form that we need to have you complete (name, address, phone number, a person to contact in case of an emergency, etc.).

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Music & Memory

MUSIC & MEMORY brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or disabled individuals through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life.

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Scoodeo Program

It is hoped that the Scoodeo Program will become a national standard for those who use electric mobility devices in rural/frontier areas.

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Youth Programs

Active Re-Entry's Youth Program brings together youth ages 8-24 with all types of disabilities. Come join us and learn new skills, build self-confidence, increase communication and make new friends.

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Long Term Care Ombudsman

Ombudsman are authorized to receive complaints, investigate allegations and the resolve them on behalf of residents of long-term care facilities.

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Friendly Visitor Program

The Friendly Visitor Program provides visits by screened and trained volunteers to individuals who are homebound, isolated, and in need of companionship.

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Save yourself the gas! Here are some of our most popular forms and materials available for download.

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Main Office




10 South Fairgrounds Road
Price, Utah 84501


Mon - Fri: 8AM - 4:30PM

You can find information about our other office locations here.

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