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Veteran Services

Veteran Benefits Services are now being provided at Active Re-Entry.  Veterans, please come and see us to learn more about available benefits and for assistance in applying for them.  

Veteran's benefits have changed over recent years.  How a veteran qualifies for benefits and the way to file claims for benefits has become a little easier.  In Utah they have also become easier to access.  One of Active Re-Entry's staff members is now a Veteran Services Coordinator and she can assist veterans in understanding and applying for any benefits they may qualify for. Many veterans believe that they do not qualify for benefits such as pension, compensation, accessible home modifications or others for several reasons.  Some veterans who applied for benefits in the past, and were denied, are not aware that if their disabilities have gotten worse or if they have turned age 65 or older, they probably qualify for benefits now.  Others were treated poorly when they returned from service and didn't want to ask for anything, and some were told not to bother to even try applying by friends or relatives.  There are many reasons a veteran may have been denied benefits in the past, who probably qualify for them now and many who probably qualify, but have never applied for them.  

There is one pension call the Aid and Attendance pension that is for "war time veterans," their spouse or their surviving spouse who are homebound and need assistance to remain in their home or to help pay nursing home costs. A "war time veteran" is a veteran who served at least one day during a "war time era."  The veteran does not have to have been deployed or involved in combat to qualify for this benefit.    

The VA has discovered many illnesses, disorders and disabilities that are believed to be service connected.  These conditions are called "presumptive conditions" and depending on where and/or when a veteran served, the condition is most likely service connected and will be treated as though it is.  Any presumptive condition can qualify a veteran for compensation, health care and other benefits by the the VA.

There are so many variables connected with veteran benefits that it is best to meet with a coordinator or counselor who can help you discover if you qualify for benefits, and if so, help you to apply for them.  Our Veteran Services Coordinator is Joey Allred and she will be visiting all of Active Re-Entry's sites to meet with and assist veterans.  For more information please call Active Re-Entry at 435-637-4950.

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